KM Hydraulic Solutions

KM Hydraulic Solutions is a manufacturer and distributor of hydraulic agricultural equipment based in Greytown Kwa-Zulu Natal. Specializing in hydraulic drive pumps used for firefighting or water and chemical transferring. We have been manufacturing hydraulic drive pumps since 1995 and were the 1st patent holders of the hydraulic drive pump in South Africa. Also offering wide range firefighting accessories such as priming pumps, nozzles,  1 inch PVC rotary couplers and hoses.

KM Hydraulic Solutions is also the inventors of the hydraulic tractor trailer brake valve which we have been making since 1979. Designed to fit most modern tractors. Braking your tractor trailer efficiently and progressively. SABS approved and certified by global testing agency SGS.

We supply our goods and services to local and international markets all over the world.

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KM Hydraulic Solutions – Progressive Farming & Forestry Hydraulic Equipment.

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