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Based in Greytown, Kwa-Zulu Natal, KM Hydraulic Solutions is a manufacturer and distributor of hydraulic agricultural equipment. We specialize in hydraulic drive pumps used for firefighting or water and chemical transferring. Our business has been manufacturing hydraulic drive pumps since 1995 and we were the first patent holders of close coupled hydraulic drive pump in South Africa. In addition to hydraulic drive pumps, a wide range of firefighting accessories such as priming pumps, nozzles, and hoses are available too.

KM Hydraulic Solutions is also the inventor of the hydraulic tractor trailer break valve which has been manufactured since 1979. Its function is to break your tractor trailer efficiently and progressively. The product has been approved and certified by the global testing agency SGS. Most modern tractors can be fitted with it. We export our products internationally.

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Hydraulic Driven pumps

Hydraulic Driven Fire Fighting Pumps

Hydraulic Drive Pumps are commonly used in liquid transfer & spraying operations. These pumps are driven by a hydraulic motor mounted directly to the pump.

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Trailer Brake valve for all tractors

Progressive Hydraulic Trailer Brake Valve Kits

Progressive control (graduated braking) without taking hands off the steering wheel!

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Client Testimonials

I highly recommend hydraulic drive water pumps from KM Hydraulic Solutions for fighting fires and urge farmers to buy one.

Three of the units are each fitted on 2,500 litre water tankers and used for firefighting and crop spraying activities. The fourth pump is coupled to a 1,000 litre water tanker for firefighting only.

We don’t shop around for cheap pumps and have fitted only hydraulic drive water pumps from KM Hydraulic Solutions to our firefighting tankers for the past 15 years

“I would recommend that farmers fit hydraulic brake valves to their tractors for safely towing heavy payloads, such as a trailer filled with sugar cane or timber,” says Basil Oellermann.

Farming with macadamias and sugar cane near Stanger in KwaZulu-Natal, Oellermann has purchased hydraulic brake valve kits from KM Hydraulic Solutions over the past 10 years and coupled them to five of his tractors.

The performance of KM Hydraulic Solutions’ 3 inch GMP hydraulic pump is impressive for transferring water and takes less than 20 minutes to pump 18,000 litres from my water tanker

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