Sven Turner – Testimonial

Afrikaans Version

Hydraulic water pumps highly recommended

“I highly recommend hydraulic drive water pumps from KM Hydraulic Solutions for fighting fires and urge farmers to buy one,” says Sven Turner of Turner Agriculture Group. They milk 1,000 dairy cows and grow pine timber in Nottingham Road in the KZN Midlands and also produce maize and soya at another farm in the Free State.

Turner has purchased four single stage hydraulic drive water pumps from KM Hydraulic Solutions over the past 15 years. The pumps require a minimum hydraulic oil flow of 22 l/min @ 150 bars and pump up to 250 litres of water per minute at 6 bars with a 12 mm nozzle.

“Three of the units are each fitted on 2,500 litre water tankers and used for firefighting and crop spraying activities. The fourth pump is coupled to a 1,000 litre water tanker for firefighting only,” he says.

Turner is impressed with the versatility of the pumps. “While making firebreaks, we can turn the pump speed down with the tractor’s engine just ticking over in order to have a low spray volume of water. Should conditions change and you need to get the fire under control, you simply need to shift the operating lever to obtain a large volume of water instantly.”

The pumps have proved to be very reliable over many years. “This is very important as you cannot afford to have any breakdowns when fighting fires,” explains Turner adding that safety is also a high priority. “The KM Hydraulics’ water pump does not use a PTO shaft that could cause an accident or break while fighting a fire.”

“Another benefit is that the water pumps have enabled us to speed up the rate of making firebreaks which equates to savings with less time spent on this task,” he adds.

“Despite the slightly more expensive purchase price, the pumps are very good value for money considering their performance, effectiveness, reliability and ease of use. The pumps are durable and backed by good customer service from KM Hydraulics Solutions,” concludes Turner.