Progressive Hydraulic Trailer Brake Valve Kits

Trailer Brake valve for all tractors
SABS 1447 requirement:
Progressive control (graduated braking) without taking hands off the steering wheel!

Saves trailer brakes and tyres because it works progressively.
The valves give priority to trailer brakes to protect tractor brakes from over use.
Trailer brakes should always be well maintained to ensure efficiency!

  • Modulating brake valve provides full progressive control and works in tandem with tractor brakes but independently.
  • Single wheel brakes of tractor can be operated without the trailer braking at the same time.
  • Operates with any number of brake cylinders.
  • Easy installation and integration into the hydraulic system of tractor.
  • Maximum trailer brake pressure limit adjustable externally. Operating pressure range between 0 and 10.1 Mpa