Hydraulic Driven Sludge Pumps

Hydraulic Drive Pumps are commonly used in liquid transfer & spraying operations. These pumps are driven by a hydraulic motor mounted directly to the pump.

Advantages of hydraulic-driven pumps include the ability to provide high pressures for spraying, the ability to work well in hot or cold temperatures and no need for petrol or diesel engines that require repeated fueling & maintenance. Hydraulic-drive centrifugal pumps are also economical relative to engine-drive pumps, especially in the larger sizes.

Hydraulic driven pumps are fed hydraulic oil from a hydraulic pump (usually from the truck or tractor’s hydraulic system) through a high pressure supply hose (generally 2,000 to 3,000 PSI) to the hydraulic motor on these pumps. A “return” hose is also run back from the hydraulic motor to the hydraulic reservoir on the truck or tractor. It is important not to over-speed the hydraulic motor on these types of pumps. This is caused by supplying hydraulic oil at too high of flowrate to the hydraulic motor and can damage to the motor and pump bearings & seals. The best approach for preventing overspeeding of a hydraulic-drive pump is to match the flowrate of the motor on the pump to the flowrate of the hydraulic system on the truck or tractor. Many hydraulic-drive pump manufacturer’s provide two or three different hydraulic motors for a particular pump for this purpose.

Our range of hydraulic drive pump meets all the requirements. Ranging from water transferring, chemical spraying, sludge or slurry to fire fighting pumps. 
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Hydraulic Driven Sludge Pumps

Hydraulic Drive Sludge Pump