About KM Hydraulic Solutions


KM Hydraulic Solutions started hydraulic trailer brake valve development work.


The new patented design included progressive brake control. By 1985 about 400 John Deere tractors where equipped with progressive hydraulic trailer brake valves (TBV). A new pedal mounted “TBV” was designed, patented and tested by the SA SUGAR ASSOCIATION, see Sugar Journal Feb. 1986 page 47.


It was well received by the market and is still unsurpassed in performance, reliability, simplicity and value for money. More than 5000 Hydraulic Trailer Brake Kits have been sold to date.1988 In House Manufacture of Hydraulic Brake Valves was started.


In 1995 Hydraulic drive water and chemical pumps, mainly used on tractor drawn firefighting and spray equipment, where patented and introduced. They proved to be very reliable. High performance and the nonexistence of the PTO shaft made them very popular.


Increased turnover made CNC manufacturing equipment necessary in 2004


2007 manufacture of high quality Trailer Brake Cylinders commenced.


2014 We started selling hydraulic driven cast iron pumps. Very strong and durable. Providing excellent performance. We continue to improve our product range with the fast changing environment.


In 2015 KM Hydraulic Solutions completed its VW Amarok demo unit,complete with hydraulics, water tank and 3 different pumps to demo. If you wish to have a demo on your farm please feel free to contact us for an appointment. We have now changed to limited co PTY and trade as KM Hydraulic Solutions.


Karsten Meyer

Eddie Rabe
Technical Director/COO

Michael Meyer
Marketing Executive