Tim Benade – Testimonial

Afrikaans version

Performance of water pump impresses

“The performance of KM Hydraulic Solutions’ 3 inch GMP hydraulic pump is impressive for transferring water and takes less than 20 minutes to pump 18,000 litres from my water tanker,” says Tim Benade.

Based in Volksrus in Mpumalanga for the past 16 years, Benade requires a water pump that can be driven at a mere 1,000 rpm by the hydraulics of his Mitsubishi truck for various jobs at mining and construction sites.

The 3 inch GMP pump requires a minimum hydraulic oil flow of 25 l/min and is perfect for working conditions where high volumes of water at low pressure are needed. The pump can transfer up to 1,000 litres of water per minute and can also be used for spraying roads.

“When my previous water pump became defective, I had to replace it quickly in order to minimise my downtime. Other factors that I took into consideration included the purchase price of the new pump and its maintenance and replacement cost,” explains Benade.

“Michael Meyer of KM Hydraulic Solutions provided me with good technical advice and helped me to select the water pump best-suited for my needs. Delivery was quick which reduced my stoppage time.”

Important motivating factors for Benade’s choice were the affordability of the pump and, more importantly, whether it could be repaired.

“I found similar, but more expensive pumps available in the market. These pumps had to be replaced completely when they become defective as their components cannot be fixed. KM Hydraulic Solutions’ 3 inch GMP pump can be repaired and spare parts, such as flanges and couplings, are inexpensive and readily available,” he says.

“It was easy and simple to install the pump and since then it has delivered reliable and trouble-free service in tough working conditions.”

Benade adds that although he uses the pump only to transfer water, he is aware that it is very suitable for transferring chemicals. It is manufactured from carbon-ceramic materials and the impeller is corrosion-resistant.