3 inch GMP Water & Chemical Transferring Hydraulic Driven Pump

Perfect for low pressure- high volume situations. Simply connect pressure hose to the tractors external hydraulics and return hose directly to oil reservoir. It is driven from the tractors hydraulic system and needs a minimum of 25 l/min of hydraulic oil flow. These pumps are designed for high volume water transfer as well as liquid chemicals. Two options available: Hydraulic Drive 3″ Cast iron pump pedestal mount with hoses and motor. This is the standard options. If you require the pump and motor to be further away from the hydraulics. We can offer 3″ Cast iron mount with pedestal mount with Bi-directional motor with out the hydraulic hoses.

Advantages: There is no PTO shaft that might cause an accident or break when fighting fire. No petrol engine that might not start or disappear in the off season. No petrol taken to the fire. Just couple hydraulic hoses to tractor hydraulics and shift lever to operate The unit can be mounted anywhere, because hydraulic hoses allow it. The hydraulic drive unit has proved to be very reliable.

Performance 1000 litres/min at transfer and 100 litres at 2.5 bar. Ideal for transferring large amount of water and chemicals from wells, dams, ponds and reservoirs. Can also be used for spraying roads.



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