Basil Oellermann – Testimonial

Afrikaans Version

Tow heavy trailer payloads safely 

“I would recommend that farmers fit hydraulic brake valves to their tractors for safely towing heavy payloads, such as a trailer filled with sugar cane or timber,” says Basil Oellermann.

Farming with macadamias and sugar cane near Stanger in KwaZulu-Natal, Oellermann has purchased hydraulic brake valve kits from KM Hydraulic Solutions over the past 10 years and coupled them to five of his tractors.

The brake valve gives full progressive control (graduated braking) without the driver having to take his hands off the steering wheel. “It is fitted to the foot brake of the tractor which enables safe stopping of the tractor and trailer in one simple motion,” he adds.

Improved safety is one of the benefits that stand out for Oellermann. “The brake valve gives the tractor driver better control when towing and stopping a trailer safety. This is especially true in an emergency situation and for pulling heavy, fully laden trailer loads of between 7 and 20 tons.”

A second benefit for him is a significant reduction in tractor maintenance costs. “The brake valve works off the tractor brakes, but engages the brakes of the trailer first. This helps to protect the tractor’s brakes from being over-used and results in lowering repair costs.”

“I have found that over-use of a tractor’s brakes can reduce the lifespan of the brakes by up to 50%, and require the brakes to be replaced every 5,000 working hours rather than at 10,000 hour service intervals,” explains Oellermann.

“Another benefit of the brake valve is that less damage occurs to the trailer tyres when stopping suddenly, which helps to increase their lifespan with further savings.”

Ollermann is very pleased with the product and the service received from KM Hydraulic Solutions. “The brake valves are easy to use and have given many years of trouble-free service. The staff at KM Hydraulic Solutions offers an efficient, friendly customer service and is always willing to provide advice for connecting the brake valve to the tractor,” he says.