Rovatti Multi Stage Hydraulic Driven Pump

Ideal for large fires where higher pressure and volume of water is required such as with timber yard and sugar cane fires. Three stage pump is a multi purpose water pump. Mainly used for fire fighting, water transfer and cleaning of equipment. These pumps are low maintenance and very reliable. Simply connect to the tractor or truck hydraulics as per instructions.
Advantages : There is no PTO shaft that might cause an accident or break when fighting fire.
Superior performance makes it ideal for fire truck installation. Ideal for tractors with hydraulic oil flow rates of 60 to 100l/min.
Just couple hydraulic hoses to tractor or truck‚ hydraulics and shift lever to operate. The unit can be mounted anywhere, because hydraulic hoses allow it. The hydraulic drive pump unit has proved to be very reliable.
Performance: 700 litres per minute at a minimum of 7.5 bars. The hydraulic flow rate set to 57 l/min @ 150bars. Higher hydraulic oil flow rates and pressure will result in much higher water pressure. It is advisable not to exceed 15 bars water pressure as water hoses might burst. Hydraulic oil flow rates should be set accordingly. Watch this video to see how far the water sprays and the immense pressure the pumps can produce.


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